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MelodyGear® is a stereo audio system designed for outdoor applications.

The system can connect with MP3/CD/Walkman/Radio/PDA/MobilePhone those can accomplish the playback of music through a pair of stereo speakers.

The purpose of the design is let people enjoy music anywhere, no matter they are camping, cooking, dining, climbing, and even riding a bike, etc¡Kwhen they are doing outdoor activities.

The major benefit is you don¡¦t need to endure the uncomfortable earphone/headphone, you can listen to your music by natural way and even share your music to someone around. Try it !!!

Music Anywhere

 Products: Portable Audio Systems to accomplish the applications, such as music chair, music table, music bag, music bike, and music tent, etc¡K

MelodyBag ¡V P/N: MG6100

MelodyChair-P/N: MG91999

MelodyTable ¡V P/N: MG92285


MG1000 Speakers for MelodyBag

MG1001 Speakers for MelodyChair

MG1002 Speakers for MelodyTable

MG2000 for Amplifier by 4 pcs AA battery

MG3000 for Amplifier by 4 pcs AAA battery

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